We have two ears and one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less.


The Technical View

This talk/listen tool utilizes WebRTC along with a bit of smart Javascript to help determine when someone is talking or silent. In this more technical view, you'll see an auto updated rolling chart showing time and whether the our Javascript thought you were talking or listening.

A simple view might be simply take the mic level measurement and assume above a certain level that you're talking, however this doesn't account for background noise you might have in an office setting, hence the script attempts to find a norm level of your environment before attempting to guess whether you were talking or listening. It's not 100% perfect and can't compensate in loud environments (like walking down the street) but works sufficiently well as a training tool for a typical office setting.

A detailed article on how we created this JavaScript to measure talk/listen time using WebRTC is here at webrtchacks.com

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