We have two ears and one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less.


How to use this tool

Effective sales people should listen at least 50% of the time when having a customer discussion. But do you? Studies have shown that unfortunately the typical sales person speaks ~80% of the time in a discussion. The study further showed that top performing sales people tend towards a more balanced 50/50 talk/listen ratio.

You can learn to improve your own listening/talk skills on phone calls with this simple application. Simply click the CALL button when you start a phone call on your mobile or desktop phone, make sure your computer microphone is nearby. Note, the first time you use this demonstration the browser will ask your permission to use the microphone, click ALLOW.

During the phone call, your computer turns on your computer microphone and detects when YOU are speaking or silent (i.e. when you are listening) and continually calculates your listening/talk ratio for the call. The color coded gauge provides at a glance indication of how much you are listening! Click END CALL when finished to see final statistics.

This simple tool can dramatically improve your listening/talk ratio for business and personal conversations. This demonstration requires that you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge as your browser.

Your individual privacy is assured. No part of your voice call is recorded. Individual call stat data along with typical web tracking information is, however, saved for future reporting.